Welcome to my Sustainability Guide: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Living.

My name is Fiona and I am a sustainability expert from the UK.

Despite being an expert on the topic, I am ashamed at how unsustainable living my ‘normal’ life is. I have always been conscious of the environment and have tried to become greener, but what I have done is not enough.  Therefore I have challenged myself to put my expertise into practice in my own life.

I will try out all those weird and wonderful sustainable solutions for you like using nuts to clean your clothes.  Then I will let you know which ones work, and which are worth putting into practice.  I will document my findings on creating a practical and sustainable life,  and I will give you all hints and tips you can apply to your own lives in this delightful guide.

I am going to try and do this without it costing the earth in terms of money and the environment. It should not cost more to look after our planet – it should cost less, but most of  the world does not take into account the cost to the environment.

I hope you find this guide an informative reference tool to help you make more sustainable choices.

Fiona 🙂