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Your one stop guide to all things sustainable. It includes everything from saving energy to composting to natural beauty products. Learn which sustainable products are worth investing in, easy swaps to make your life more sustainable and how to easily transition from carbon consumer to carbon saver. below is the latest information, tips and tricks on living sustainably

Recycling Biscuit Wrappers

I have recently discovered you can recycle your unrecyclable biscuit wrappers!! I was checking to see if I could recycle my Jaffa Cakes packet and stumbled across a Cracker and Biscuit Wrappers Recycling Programme.  It turns Read more…

Direct Action


Toffifee – Could we use something different to a plastic tray and film? I sent my next e-mail to Toffifee. I very much enjoyed their product, but I did not enjoy having to dispose of Read more…


Save Fuel – Car Share

Car sharing is when 2 or more people share the same journey for all or part of a trip. Passengers would either contribute money for the fuel or offer to make the next journey.   Read more…


Save Paper – Stop Junk Mail

I have recently found out that I can stop junk mail!!  It is called the Mailing Preference Service. Mailing Preference Service If you register with these guys they will will remove your name and address Read more…


What plastic can I recycle?

What is recyclable plastic?  Even the best of us finds plastic recycling a minefield.  Local Authorities have tried to make it easier by using terms such as: plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs. However, what do Read more…