If you haven’t heard already larger supermarkets are starting to recycle flexible plastics and film. This facility has been long awaited in plastic recycling. It now means all those bits of plastic like sweet wrappers, crisp packets, film and bags from fruit, veg, salad etc now have a place to be recycled!

Where can I recycle my flexible plastics?

Several larger supermarkets have announced a soft plastic recycling schemes. Sainsbury’s, Tescos and Co-op have all launched these schemes in various supermarket branches around the country. They all have a large container near or within the shop to pop in your soft plastics. Check your local supermarket to see if they offer this facility.

What flexible plastic can be recycled?

This depends on the supermarket offering the recycling scheme, but they do take similar items. Below is the list from Sainsburys:

List of flexible plastics that can be recycled at Sainsbury's
Flexible plastics recycled by Sainsburys

Wherever you choose to recycle your soft flexible plastic make sure it is clean, free of food and sticky labels where possible.

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