Most metal packaging can be recycled, however there are some items that really should not go in your recycling bin. Just because it is metal doesn’t mean it can be recycled in your household recycling bin

You can recycle in your recycling bin

When recycling don’t forget to make sure they are clean and squashed (to make sure you can fit it in your bin)

  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Food tins
  • Empty Aerosols i.e Deodorant cans
  • Foil – scrunching it into a big ball with other foils makes it easier to recycle
  • Foil trays
  • The screw tops on wine bottles – leave these on the bottles
  • Biscuit and chocolate tins
  • Aluminium tubes e.g tomato puree (without the lid)
  • Glass jar lids

You can’t recycle in your recycling bin

  • Saucepans
  • Cutlery i.e Knives and forks
  • Food pouches i.e. cat food, baby food
  • Coffee pods and pouches
  • Foil wrapping paper
  • Razor blades

You can recycle through other services

  • Baby food pouches can be recycled through Terracycle
  • Tassimo pods, ┬áL’OR capsules and Kenco Eco Refill packs can also be recycled through Terracycle
  • Empty paint cans – these are generally accepted at your household waste recycling facility
  • Razor blades can be recycled through Gillette. They send you an envelope and you send off your blades to be recycled

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