Clothing can have a huge impact on the environment. From intensely growing cotton to create t-shirt fabric to extracting oil to create polyester trousers. The more we reuse what has already been made, the less resources we use and the better for the environment and less waste.

There are plenty of ways nowadays to find good quality second hand clothing. Not only is it great for the planet. It is easy on the wallet. The following places are also great ways to recycle clothing you no longer wear rather than put them in the bin.

Charity shops

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Charity shops are great places to have a look for new to you clothing. There is something different everytime you go and often they are arranged by size or colour making it easy to find what you are looking for. On top of the environmental and monetary benefits, the purchase of the clothing will raise money for a good cause.

Charity shops are also a great to donate clothing and objects you no longer wear. Donations are often greatly received.


Another great place to buy second hand clothing is vinted. It is a great place to pick up a bargain.

Firstly you install the vinted app and create an account with a username and password. Then you an browse the clothing other people have listed. You can search by brand, size and clothes type. When you want to purchase something you can just go ahead and buy it from someone or even make them an offer if you are the haggling type. Then the seller packs and sends your item freeing up their wardrobe and updating yours.

Vinted do have some protections in place to protect the buyer. If the item is not shipped you get a refund and if the item is not what was expected you can also get a refund (but make sure you raise this as soon as you receive the parcel)


Ebay is great to find the odd piece of bargain clothing. But you may have to be more careful to find second hand clothing as some vendors sell brand new clothing.

Clothes swapping

Ever found yourself admiring someone else’s clothes choice? Why not consider a clothes swap party or go to a clothes swap event where each of you brings clothes you don’t want and swap them for something you do. A great way to update the wardrobe without spending a penny or adding to clothes waste.

Repair your clothes

Repairing your clothes is a great way to make your clothes last longer. You can even use this opportunity to update your clothes. Learning how to repair a button or a hole can make clothes last so much longer.

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