Going paperless at work or home is a great way to help the planet.

Go paperless for the planet

What does paperless mean?

Paperless is when you avoid printing something out or avoid having something provided in paper format.

What are the benefits?

  • Saves carbon and energy and trees needed to create the paper
  • Saves money as you won’t need to buy the paper or storage for paper
  • Saves on ink and toner as you will be printing less
  • Less need for physical filing giving you more space
  • Less paper cluttering up homes and offices
  • Makes processes more efficient saving time

Where do I start with paperless?

  • Unsubscribe from junk mail and brochures
  • Tell your bank you want to have paperless statements
  • Send someone an email, call them or visit them
  • Read things on the screen rather than printing them out
  • Try taking digital notes
  • Are there processes that use lots of paper, which could become digital instead?

I would love to hear of your paperless journeys

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