Becoming a new mum is hard enough as it is let alone how best to go eco-friendly nappy changing. This guide will help you through it.


The best eco-friendly nappies are reusables and even better if another bum has worn them first! If you are not sure where to begin with reuseable nappies I would recommend the nappylady and seeing if there are any nappy libraries near you.

You don’t have to go straight for it and buy all the nappies. I would recommend trying a couple out first and slowly build your nappy collection.

A great place to buy second hand reusables is facebook marketplace.

If reusables aren’t your thing the next most eco-friendly option would be to see if there are any nappy collection services

There are eco-friendly nappies on the market such as Kit and Kin and Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable nappies, but even some of these have plastic in them and no nappy is great in a landfill – even biodegradable ones.

Baby Wipes

The best baby wipes are the reuseable kind. They are basically flannels/ cloths that you wash and use again. This works great if you are using reuseable nappies. Also with a baby there is always washing on the go so adding in a few cloths doesn’t add much to the overall day. Just purchasing a pack of flannels would be enough to get started. There are companies like Cheeky Wipes, which sell specific reuseable wipes for baby bums.

The next best eco-friendly wipes are the plastic free biodegradable kind. There are a few of these on the market such as aquawipes please bear in mind that these are not flushable and will end up in your bin – still not great for the environment, but better than other kinds.

Changing mats

An eco friendly changing mat is harder to find it is a myriad of plastic and foam! The most eco-friendly ones would be a second hand one, after that it would be a fabric type one. Tots bots do one called a Happy Mat, these are great as they are washable and transportable and not as cold for you as the traditional plastic mat.

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