With energy prices rising and cost of living going up. Here are some energy saving tips to help you reduce your energy bill.

1. Turn down your thermostat

Turning down the thermostat and learning to live with a cooler temperature will help reduce energy costs. Try wearing a jumper, extra layers and cozy blankets.

Use your radiator valves to turn off rooms that aren’t used and heat only rooms that you are in the most.

2. Dry your washing on a clothes airer

Tumble driers are massive users of energy. Use a clothes line or clothes airer to dry your clothes.

A heated clothes airer costs a lot less than running a tumble drier and will help dry your clothes quicker.

Washing your clothes on a cooler setting will also help save money on your washing.

3. Turn off lights appliances and equipment

Turn off anything electrical that you don’t need when you have finished using them.

Reduce your phantom power usage, turn off chargers when you have finished charging, turn off television boxes, turn off monitors and TVs (don’t just put them on standby) turn off microwaves when not using them.

Make use of timers and remote control sockets to make it easier to turn off your lights and equipment at the plug.

Go compare has developed a tool which can help you work out how much something costs to run https://www.gocompare.com/gas-and-electricity/guide/energy-calculator/

4. Use less hot water

Have a shower instead of a bath to reduce hot water use

Wash your hands and dishes with cold water.

Use cooler settings on your washing machine

Only boil the water that you need in the kettle. This will also reduce how long it takes for the kettle to boil.

5. Reduce energy consumption in cooking

The most efficient method of cooking is using the microwave. Many foods can be cooked in the microwaves, check out a few recpies

If you use the hob make sure you put lids on the pans to reduce the amount of energy you need to heat the pot and only put water that you need in the pan.

If you use the oven use it to batch cook your meals to make sure you are using the oven efficiently. When you have finished the cooking you can open the door to use the heat to warm up the kitchen (make

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