Cooking more efficiently will help save energy and money so well worth doing. Below are some tips to help you cook more sustainably.

Use a microwave

The microwave is the most efficient appliance for cooking your food. Become friends with your microwave. You can cook most things in there. It is great for cooking veg, your jacket potatoes, rice and even treacle sponges.

Fill up your oven

Your oven is one of the higher users of energy, so if you are going to use it fill it up. Batch cook, cook more than one meal, throw in some veg or meat to roast to use another day or in sandwiches.

Use your saucepan lids

When cooking on the hob use saucepan lids. This will help speed up boiling and allow you to turn down the hob whilst maintaining the temperature.

Use less water

Only use enough water to cover your veggies in the pan. It will take less time to boil and less energy to cook.

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