Recycling Biscuit Wrappers

I have recently discovered you can recycle your unrecyclable biscuit wrappers!! I was checking to see if I could recycle my Jaffa Cakes packet and stumbled across a Cracker and Biscuit Wrappers Recycling Programme.  It turns Read more…

By Fiona, ago
Direct Action


Toffifee – Could we use something different to a plastic tray and film? I sent my next e-mail to Toffifee. I very much enjoyed their product, but I did not enjoy having to dispose of Read more…

By Fiona, ago

What plastic can I recycle?

What is recyclable plastic?  Even the best of us finds plastic recycling a minefield.  Local Authorities have tried to make it easier by using terms such as: plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs. However, what do Read more…

By Fiona, ago