I am quite happy with my nude movers rubbish free lunch box choice.  It fits everything I need – including normal sized bread!  I have had lunch boxes in the past that only fits square bread – who has square bread?  I can also recycle it in my local recycling collection.  Click here for more information on sustainable lunch boxes.

However, I was disappointed to find that my new Nude Movers Rubbish Free Lunch box arrived wrapped in plastic:

Nude Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Box

I wrote them an e-mail asking them about their packaging and if they considered alternative materials.


I had a lovely reply from smash (the makers of the nude movers lunch box).  They said that they are currently looking into a cardboard wrap for the lunch box. This is great news! 🙂

We take sustainability quite seriously and endeavour to package our products as responsibly as possible and are looking into a cardboard wrap for the current rubbish free lunch box range.

The reason we currently use a more secure plastic wrap is to contain the Snack Pots and the Sandwich Holder within the lunchbox whilst on supermarket shelves so as to prevent tampering during the time it is on display.

Thank you again for your important feedback which we will definitely take on board and so glad to hear you are loving the product.

It seems a shame that we need to secure things with packaging to prevent tampering.


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