The average person in the UK consumes about 150 litres of water a day and supply, heating and disposal of water accounts to 5% of the UK’s Carbon emissions! Find out how you can reduce this with the water saving tips below:

water saving

1. Fix dripping taps and fit tap aerators

Dripping taps not only can be annoying but are also wasting water and costing you money. Dripping taps are easy to fix. Check out this video from B &Q.

Fitting an aerator to your tap is even easier and will save you water. You can screw aerator adaptors onto your existing tap and off you go! Not to mention it makes the tap all fun and bubbly :-).

2. Install Low Flush Toilets or a Hippo water saver

If you have a particularly old toilet then you could be wasting loads of water and money literally down the pan. New low flush toilets can use much less. If you are unable to change an old cronky toilet – fear not – you can purchase a Hippo the Water Saver, which you can put in your cistern to save up to 3 litres per flush

3. Take a shower instead of a bath

Take a shower instead of a bath will save you 45 litres. Having a 5 minute shower uses only 35 litres compared to a bath of an average of 80 litres. Now, if you are the type who is in the shower for over 10 minutes then you may want to shorten your shower time with a shower timer.

Beware of the power shower! These are just as bad as a bath when it comes to water consumption, so make sure you have a water saving shower with a water saving shower head.

4. Turn off the tap when you clean your teeth

When you clean your teeth or wash your hands turn off the tap. A running tap uses up to 5 litres of water a minute! Think of all that water and money running down the drain!

5. Use a dishwasher

This may seem a bit odd but, a full dishwasher uses less water than washing up by hand in the sink – win win. But make sure it is full before putting it on and never use the half load setting as it is less efficient.

6. Wash food in a bowl instead of under running water

Washing your food in a bowl rather than under running water saves water. You can even use the left over water to water your plants.

7. Only Fill the kettle with what you need

Filling the kettle or saucepan with the water you need will save water by not wasting any, you will save time as it will boil quicker and you will save money as you will use less energy doing so.

8. Install a Water Butt

Collect rainwater free from your roof with a water butt. They are easy to install and cheap to buy. Rainwater is also much better for your plants than tap water. Not only would you save money, but your plants will be better for it.

9. Use a watering can

Using a watering can instead of a hose can reduce the amount of wasted water. If you use a watering can the water gets to where it is needed most. If your garden is particularly large then you can get hose nozzles that allow you to stop and start the water. Watering the garden with a hosepipe can use 540 litres an hour!

10. Re-use water

Where possible re-use water from around the house. You can use old bath water or the left over water from rinsing your fruit and veg to water plants in the garden or even wash your car. However, don’t use water that has been contaminated with detergents or cleaners.

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