1. Use cold water to wash your hands

Hand Washing

This may seem unusual but using cold water instead of hot water will reduce the amount of energy used as the water won’t be heated for it to be used.

2. Clean up your inbox

cleaning up inbox

Did you know every email in your inbox equates to 10g of Carbon Dioxide? Servers used to store your e-mail are constantly running looking after all your e-mails creating carbon. Think of all those e-mails you have been harboring in that inbox. Decluttering your inbox will not only save you carbon, it will also clear your mind and make e-mails easier to manage.

3. Install remote control sockets

Remote Control Sockets

Installing remote control sockets is not only a fun way to turn off all your electronics, it can also save on standby power and make life easier when turning off everything at night or when you leave the room. Making switching off easy and fun, means you are more likely to do it.  Some remote control sockets also integrate with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, which makes it even more fun with kids. You can find them on Amazon.

4. Use a environmentally conscious search engine


Have you ever heard of Ecosia?  It is an environmentally conscious search engine.  All their servers are powered by 100% renewables and they plant trees as you search the web.  Awesome isn’t it? They have an app you can download onto your phone from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  They have a chrome extension to add to your web browser.  This small change can make a big impact. Think of all those trees you can plant just by searching the internet differently!

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Rob · 29th August 2019 at 5:51 am

Wonderful, I liked this article. These are really unusual ways to save the environment. I didn’t know just cleaning inbox can reduce the amount of carbon emission. Just like this article, I found another article it was about making a workplace more recycle friendly. You can read this here: https://tjctransport.co.uk/blog/how-to-make-your-workplace-more-recycle-friendly/

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