Start living a more sustainable lifestyle with these simple tips. You can easily improve the sustainability of your life by changing a few things. Below are some of the quick easy ways to get you started with your sustainability journey.

Sustainable Lifestyle
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Use Less

Firstly using less of anything and everything is a great way to start a sustainable lifestyle. Using less resources reduces your impact on the environment. For example: If you use less water cleaning your teeth and having a shower, use your car less, use your tv less, use your computer less. Using less also has the added benefit of saving money.

Be More Efficient with what you have

If you are more efficient with what you have you will not need so much as before. Try driving your car more efficiently, reusing glass jars, using one sheet less when you use the toilet paper, make sure you use every last drop of soap, shampoo, washing up liquid, toothpaste

Buy Less

Buying less stuff also reduces your impact on the environment and saves money. Do you really need that extra T-shirt when you have a whole wardrobe at home? It also means you have less stuff in your house – Less stuff = tidier house and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Buy in Bulk

If you buy in bulk it is cheaper, but there is also significantly less packaging to deal with. See if you can find your local wholesalers. Less packaging is better for the environment and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Buy Second Hand

Buying second hand not only stops perfectly good items being thrown away it also means that you have not created demand for new products, which has improved your impact on the environment. If you shop in a charity shop, you have also helped them raise money for their cause – what it not to love! It is also quite fun shopping in charity shops and finding a little gem among the eclectic mix of items.

Switch to a renewable energy tariff

Switching to a renewable tariff is one of the easiest things you can do. This will mean that the money you pay for your gas and electricity will go into funding renewable energy rather than non-renewable coal, gas and oil. This will increase the demand for renewables and cause more renewable energy to be created. Comparison sites such as u-switch are starting to include renewables in their site to make your life even easier.

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