A great way to go greener is to switch to a renewable energy tariff or provider.  Switching is really simple and easy – it is just like switching your normal energy providers.  The only difference is you would be funding energy from renewable sources rather than fossil fuels. This is great, because the more of us that switch the greener the grid becomes.

Renewable Energy Tariff

Renewable Energy Tariff Providers

You can choose from many providers of renewable energy tariffs:

You could also choose to use The Big Clean Switch.  This takes the effort out of switching to a renewable energy tariff and will get you the best deal from the bigger providers.

When you choose a provider make sure that all the energy you pay for is being 100% matched by renewable energy.  The companies listed in this post do meet this criteria (as of the date of posting).


Don’t forget to continue to reduce the amount of energy you are using.


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