Toffifee – Could we use something different to a plastic tray and film?

I sent my next e-mail to Toffifee. I very much enjoyed their product, but I did not enjoy having to dispose of the plastic tray and film that came with it.  Surely there must be better way? We shall see what happens…(I am basically finishing off all the Christmas chocolate)



Unfortunately I did not receive a promising response, as they didn’t even consider finding an alternative:

We understand your concerns and can assure you that it is always our aim to use as little packaging as possible. With food packaging, we need to ensure the quality of our product is maintained and that it is safe and consumable; plastic wrapping is the most hygienic option available to us. Unfortunately, this is not yet biodegradable; there currently isn’t a biodegradable material that would be suitable for us to use at this point in time.

I am not sure I made much difference with this one, but you never know…  I will keep an eye on the shelves and urge you also to e-mail Toffifee to improve their packaging.  Their e-mail address is:

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