It is quite easy to save water in the kitchen, you may even be doing it already. Check out below to find out more.

Use a dishwasher

I am not talking about your other half, but using a fully loaded dishwasher. This is much more water efficient than washing everything by hand. However, if you are not lucky enough to have one of these devices, there are still ways to reduce your water consumption. Firstly don’t wash under a running tap – fill up a bowl. Secondly start of with the cleanest items first so the water doesn’t get dirty so quickly. If you need to change the water partway through, before you empty the water, dunk the remaining washing up in the dirty water to remove the worst of the dirt so the second lot of water doesn’t get so dirty so quickly.

Wash fruit and veg in a bowl

When washing fruit and veg do it in a bowl of water rather than under a running tap. A running tap uses much more water.

Only fill up your saucepan with enough water to cover your veggies

By only filling your saucepan to cover your veggies you are not only saving water, but it saves energy and cooks quicker too as it doesn’t take so long to boil. Don’t forget to use your saucepan lid so you can save even more energy.

Making a cuppa

When making a cuppa only fill up the kettle as much as you need as most people tend to refill it with fresh water in the kettle. This also saves time and energy as it will be quicker for the kettle to boil less.

Water your plants

You can use water left over from cooking and washing to water plants

Reuse a cloth instead of paper towels

This might not seem an obvious water saving, but vast amounts if water is used in the making of paper towels. 20,000 gallons of water is used to create a ton of paper towels. Not to mention the 17 trees felled if you use paper towels without recycled content and the fact that paper towels are not recyclable.

Next time you think about using a paper towel to mop up a bit of water, try using a cloth instead.

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