How do you recycle your old mattress?

How on earth do you do go about recycling your old mattress? What are the options if you wanted to get it recycled?

recycling your old mattress

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Your Local Council

First start by checking your Local Council household waste recycling centre (often known as ‘the dump’) or bulky waste collection. Check these carefully as some councils may take mattresses, but will not recycle them and instead put them into landfill. If that is the case, then try one of the options below:

Please note: Some Local Council bulky waste collection services may have a fee.

Matt UK

If you live in London Matt UK will recycle your old mattress. You will need to fill out their form and they will tell you how much it would cost to recycle your mattress. Matt UK ensures that no mattress waste goes to landfill.

These guys will collect your mattress anywhere in the UK for a fee. Depending where you are in the country will depend how much it would cost for recycling your old mattress. But if you are going to pay for Bulky Waste Collection from your council, then this might be a more environmentally friendly option.

Your new mattress supplier

You can always contact the company who is supplying your new mattress. Sometimes they dispose of them for free, others will have a small charge. But make sure that they are going to recycle your mattress and not put it on the landfill heap. Dreams have a mattress recycling service as does Mattress Online. I doubt these are the only companies so please check with your mattress supplier.

It would be great to hear your mattress recycling success stories.


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