Did you know that you can now recycle crisp packets in the UK?  Unfortunately they cannot be recycled in your general household recycling as the facility does not exist with local councils.   However since December 2018 Walkers crisps paired up Terracycle who have taken on the challenge and finally we have a way to recycle our crisp packets.

This is a great step forward as we now have a facility to deal with the millions of crisp packets consumed each year!

How do you recycle crisp packets?

So how do you recycle these crisp packets I hear you ask?

Firstly collect some crisp packets of any brand – make sure you have eaten all those scrummy crisps first!

Then you navigate to the Terracycle Website.  Here you can use their map to find a drop off location near where you live to drop off your finished crisp packets.  Or if you don’t live near one, you can become one and send them in yourself.

If you decide to become a drop off point then Terracycle offer a freepost service to send off your crisp packets.  These guys will then transform your crisp packets into plastic pellets to be recycled into new things.

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